Growing up in Paris, France with her talented father, Florence Nebbout was exposed to a very special kind of life. Her father worked closely with Europe's top performers and singers. As a child Florence would spend many hours backstage learning how to play the various instruments and listening to the daily gossip from the stage dancers. It was from these experiences in the artistic world that would form her creative taste and spirit.

When the time came to grow professionally, Florence enrolled in the Paris school Photography. After graduation she began 15 year career in media and film production. While working with Europe's major television networks she concentrated her focus on the art of film editing

One day, a well needed vacation was in order... Destination - Key West! The sunsets, loud roosters and tropical island scenery was something she found entirely irresistible. Florence believes that Key West has the endless possibilities for her to indulge her creative sense. After returning home the Parisian lights did not shine as bright. So the decision was made to move "Studio GEORGES". Her photography, video and film production company would find a new life in Key West.

Florence Nebbout is the epitome of the truly independent film maker. She fully enjoys the control and quality of the images she so wonderfully captures. With 15 years of experience and skill she is committed to every aspect of her productions.

Love and its story, the people, the children, the parents, the friends and there laughter. Amour is her inspiration. Flo as she is affectionately known is offering to be your choice, your personal filmmaker to capture the somewhat private and special moments of your life.

You have to look no further for an experienced, professional and quality filmmaker to capture the moments that you want to live on forever. Contact Flo to discuss what you would like to see in the movie where you are the star. 






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